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— 约翰福音8:12

English Version


— 约翰福音 8:12

English Version

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你所認识的祂是什么样的耶稣? // Who do you say Jesus is?

讲员: 李钧牧师

英文信息讲员: 牟理彬

日期: 2020-01-19

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讲员:Rev. Scot Shelburne



儿童事工 Children Ministry

One Minutes Transformation 一分钟搞定你的孩子

  • One Minutes Transformation 一分钟搞定你的孩子 : April 四月 22-24 (Friday-Sunday)
  • Location地点 : Peoria Christian Church(PCCC) 10039 N. Garden Lane, Peoria, IL 61615

  • 讲員 : 王祈 老師

  • 联系人 : 赵月 (309) 669-8969, 王良 (319) 621-7569

  • Download Registration Form!下载注册表 When finished filling out the form, please email it or hand it to us during our church hours. 报名截止:4/15, Registration will be CLOSED on Friday (April-15) Thank you!

We also have kids fellowship each Friday night (7:30 - 9:00PM) in our church. We have songs & lessons on the life of Joshua helping children have victory through God's faithfulness and power. You are welcome to join us!

If you have any questions, please contact Judy Liu at 309-669-8969 or sunroad@gmail.com.